Interior Carpentry Photos Interior Carpentry Photos Tray Ceiling 5 1/4" Crown Molding 183893309 Crown Molding 9 1/4" and 5 1/4" Crown Molding 183893310 Crown Molding 9 1/4" Crown Molding returning to the end of a wall 183893311 Crown Molding Multiple angles with 9 1/4" Crown 183893312 Grid Ceiling 9 1/4" perimeter Crown and 5 1/4" inside and outside of Grid 183893313 Grid Ceiling Crown Molding inside 183893314 Crown Molding 9 1/4" and 5 1/4" 183893315 Faux Beams Faux beams constructed to dress up panel board ceiling 183893316 Tub Frame Very precise tub frame constructed 183893317 Tub Frame Other side of tub framed up 183893318 Linen Shelf Custom build linen closet shelves 183893319 Clothes Rack Custom Built Clothes Rack 183893320 Media Desk Framing the media desk 183893321 Media Desk Complete outside before paint media desk 183893322 Media Desk Rounded corners so no one gets hurt 183893323 Media Desk Decorative inside rounded corners to match outside 183893324 Media Desk Lots of room for equipment 183893325 Media Desk Components slide out 183893326 Media Desk Components slide in 183893327 Media Desk More room for equipment 183893328 Media Desk Another View beginning Paint 183893329 Shower Niche Framed and Durarock Niche 183893330 New Door and Trim Built the wall for the door, added top cap, crown molding, and baseboard 183893331 Details Nice little details above the wall cap in the crown 183893332 Finished Tub This is what the tub looked like finished, I didn't do the finish work, just the framing to bring all of it together from the beginning. 183893333 Crown Molding More multiple angles in crown. 183893334 Crown Molding Entrance to a bathroom 183893335 Crown Molding Yes, we do round corners also. 183893436 A few things Crown, Fluted Casing, and clothing rod 183893437 More trim Crown, Casing, and a shoe shelf by the door 183893438 Vaulted Crown Yes, We do crown molding on vaulted ceilings as well 183893439 New Cabinets Just installed prior to countertops 183893440 New Cabinets Other side of kitchen 183893441 New Cabinets Vanity in Bathroom 183893442 New Cabinets Just cut vanity top for sink 183893443 New Cabinets Installed top 183893444 New Cabinets Installed tops 183893445 New Cabinets Installed counter tops 183893446 Cedar Trim Custom cedar faux ceiling beams with 6x6 cedar posts 183893447 2 Pc Crown Molding 7 1/4" crown molding with base cap placed 8" below and all painted the same color to look like one big piece of crown molding 183893449 New Columns Customer had drywall columns that I wrapped and trimmed to create the new wood columns 183893450 Multiple Items Fireplace mantle, 3/4 columns, shelves, 2 pc crown, baseboard, and quarter round 183893451 Door Don't like where your door is or need it moved to accommodate new kitchen cabinets or something else? No problem 183893452 Volute Volute at the bottom of the handrail 183893453 Cherry wood Staircase A closer view of the bottom step and bottom of handrail 183893454 Cherry wood Staircase Double bottom step, Iron Balusters, double volutes 183893455 Stair Details Mitered Skirt Boards to risers, cove molding under the stair tread 183893456 Skirtboards Continuous routered edge 183893457 Cherry wood staircase The upstairs finished product 183893458 Cherry wood staircase Another view of the transition from angled to straight run handrail 183893459 Tounge and Groove T&G Ceiling with crown molding 183893460 Door Interior 8' Double French door installed 183893462 Crown Angled Ceiling in progress 183893463 Crown More angles 183893464 Crown Lots of angles on the vaulted ceilings 183893465 Garage Getting ready to install drywall in this garage to convert it into a new master bedroom 183893466 New doors About to open up the wall 183893467 New doors double pocket door frames and doors installed. New master bedroom doors 183893468 New doors After drywall is reinstalled 183893469 New Room Did drywall and trim in this room that was created from a carport 183893470 New room Just a close-up of the window sill, frame, and trim 183893471 Cabinet Just a piece of furniture I built for myself. Cabinet minus the doors. 183893472 Stairs Prior to treads and risers being installed 183893473 Stairs Treads and Risers 183893474 Stairs Installed treads and risers 183893475 Flooring Installing some laminate flooring 183893478 Stairs This half wall must come out, drywall patch, and install new handrail to attach to existing handrail. 183893479 Stairs This is the other side that came out 183893480 Stairs Another view before rebuilding 183893481 Stairs The side that needed the new Newel post to attach to the existing angled run 183893482 Stairs Short strait run, plus drywall patched to the left on the corner where handrail starts 183893483 Stairs New angled run and drywall patched on this side also. Handrail has been stained to match as well. 183893484 New doors This was a cased opening. Wall was opened to install double pocket doors 183893485 New doors After the wall was closed back up and trim finished 183893486 Finish Trim Vaulted ceiling crown, casing, base boards, laminate flooring 183893487 Finished Trim Vaulted ceiling crown, casing, base boards, laminate flooring, and pocket door 183893488 Shadow boxes Baseboard, Chair rail, and shadow boxes 183893489 Shadow Boxes Baseboard, chair rail, and shadow boxes 183893490 2 Pc Crown Molding 5 1/4" crown and base cap make up this 2 pc crown 183893491 Stairs Straight run handrail with alternating spindles 183893492 Custom trim Custom panels on wall 183893493 Stairs Volute and Newel post beginning 183893494 Stairs Beginning the angled run 183893495 Stairs Finished Angled Run minus the balusters on the turn 183893496 Stairs Balusters under the Volute 183893497 Stairs Finished angled run 183893498 Stairs Short upstairs straight run 183893499 Stairs Handrail on opposite side installed 183893500 Stairs Complete upper straight runs and lower angled run 183893501 Custom work Custom built-in for flat panel TV mount with DVD shelves underneath that open to house the surround sound subwoofer, cedar baseboards, installed new carpet, custom built brackets above fireplace, window frames, and new ceiling fan 183893502 Custom work cedar chair railing and wainscoting also 183893503 Custom work More chair rail and baseboard 183893504 Custom work Laminate flooring, baseboard, and paint 183893505 Custom work Paint, chair rail, baseboards, crown molding, and the door used to be an archway, and new carpet. 183893506 Custom work The outside of the door that used to be an archway, baseboard 183893507 3 Step Crown 7 1/4" with 4 1/4" base top and bottom return 190413718 3 step crown 7 1/4" with 4 1/4" base top and bottom outside corner 190413719 Wainscoting Wainscot Panels 190413720 Pergola Pergola posts once stained with pavers in place 190413721 Pergola Corner view of Pergola 190413722 Pergola Distant view of completed Pergola 190413723 Attic Access Stairs Pull down attic stairs with 1x4 casing and backband 190413724 Built In Entertainment Center Cedar framed panel for flat screen TV, with equipment shelf and opening DVD shelves 190413725 Built In Entertainment Center Open view 190413726 Window Sill and Trim 1 1/4" sill with 1x4 Trim and backband 190413727 Tub Framing Framed up tub for master bathroom 190413728 Tub Framing Front view of tub framing 190413729 Tongue & Groove Ceiling with Faux Beams Faux Beam with Tongue and Groove Ceiling and 1x6 border trim 190413730 Wainscoting Wainscoting panels running along the stairs 190413731 Wainscoting and Crown Molding Wainscot paneling and crown molding with door trim 190413732 French Pocket Doors French Pocket Doors with casing, baseboard, and 3 step crown molding 190413733 Barn Door Barn door with casing and baseboard 190413734 Shelf Doors Custom built shelves for a storage area behind them 190413735 Shelf Doors Open view 190413836 Miscellaneous Trim Casing, 3 Step Crown, Wainscoting, Baseboard 190413837 Stairs Distressed Stair treads and risers with skirtboards 190413838 3 Step Crown Molding Cove style crown molding with 5 1/4" base top and bottom on a vaulted ceiling 190413839 3 Step Crown Molding Cove style crown molding with 5 1/4" base top and bottom on a vaulted ceiling 190413840 7 1/4" Crown Molding Cove style crown molding on marble walls. 190413841 TV Frame Backside of a decorative TV frame with routered vent grooves 190413842 TV Frame Installed view of TV frame 190413843 Tongue & Groove Ceiling w/ beams Diamond shaped ceiling with faux beams around the perimeter, corners, and center box with tongue and groove sections 190413844 Ceiling Treatment Vaulted Tongue and Groove ceiling with faux beams 190413845 Cased Openings Cased Openings with finish trim 190413846 Columns Mitered edge columns with base, cap, and cased opening 190413847 Stairs Mitered skirtboards to risers with handrail, treads, and wainscoting. 190413848 Finished Edges Finished stairs, wainscoting, Casing, and Baseboards 190413849 Window trim window trim meeting in the corners 190413850 Columns 2 full columns, 2 3/4 columns, cased opening, stairs, window trim, etc. 190413851 Ceiling Treatment vaulted ceiling with faux beams, and window trim 190413852 Miscellaneous trim Window trim, baseboard, casing 190413853 Door Casing connected casing around and joining two doors 190413854 Baseboard 7 1/4" baseboard with shoemolding cut for electrical outlets. 190413855 Backsplash Tongue and Groove backsplash for mini bar area 190413856 Wainscoting 1x4 panel 1/4" plywood backer 190413857 Wainscoting Finished Panels 190413858 Flooring Laminate wood flooring and 5 1/4" baseboard 190413859 Flooring Laminate wood flooring and 5 1/4" baseboard 190413860 Baseboard Cut to accommodate a scussion plate for the toilet. 190413861 Ceiling Treatment Tongue and Groove ceiling with crown molding 190413862 Ceiling and Stairs Tongue and Groove ceiling with crown Molding and stairs 190413863 Crown Molding Mating 7 1/4" crown molding and 4 1/4" crown molding together 190413865 Cased Openings Cased openings with baseboard 190413866 Crown Molding Crown Molding around floating box for vent hood installation 190413867 Casing Casing underneath countertop 190413868 Window trim Casing around Window to match doors 190413869 Door Custom built door for wine room made from cypress 190413870 Flooring and trim Laminate wood flooring, baseboard, chairrail, crown molding 190413871 Miscellaneous Tongue and Groove Ceiling with faux beam, crown molding, baseboard, and window trim 190413872 Ceiling and Window Tongue and Groove with faux beams and Triple window trim with sills 190413873 Ceiling Treatment Tongue and Groove ceilings with crown molding 190413874 Casing Custom made Plinthe Blocks for door casing 190413875 Shelves Double sided room divider shelves. 190413876 Shelves Other side of double sided room divider shelves 190413877