Commercial Photos Commercial Photos Cabinets Doctors Office wash station cabinets 183935355 Cabinets Doctors Office wash station cabinets 183935356 Utility sink Installed utility sink on new flooring 183935358 Dr's Office Creating a hallway to join two offices 183935359 Doorway Going to be moving this door to the left to make room for new hallway 183935360 Changing Area Moved cabinets and seat from one changing room to this new one that was just built in new office 183935361 Deer Island Installed new trim in the dining area of Deer Island Country Club 183935362 Deer Island Trim doorway to match existing...Rosettes, Plinth blocks, Fluted casing, crown molding, and inside the room, wainscoting and chair rail, plus new exterior French doors with jamb extensions 183935363 Deer Island Up close of fluted casing and plinth blocks 183935364 Deer Island Up close of casing and crown 183935365 Deer Island View of exterior door, casing, and window trim 183935366 Deer Island View of Doors and trim 183935367 Deer Island View of doors and trim 183935368 Deer Island View of trim leading to main dining area 183935369 Deer Island Door casing 183935370 Deer Island Door casing 183935371 Deer Island Finished trim 183935372 Deer Island Framing for the doors and windows to be installed. I framed the walls and installed the doors but the window company that made the windows installed those. 183935373 Deer Island More framing for the doors and windows 183935374 Deer Island First door installed 183935375 Deer Island Some of the framing was in place when I took over the job but the majority of it had to be corrected. 183935376 Deer Island When the framing is done right, the doors go in with ease 183935377 Deer Island Installation of doors. 183935378 Deer Island Another door installed 183935379 Deer Island Last wall framed up. Total of 4 - 8 foot double French doors were installed in this porch turned into a room. 183935380